Corporate SponsorThe Nebraska State Home Builders Association (NSHBA) is a non-profit trade association comprised of four local associations across the state of Nebraska. NSHBA actively works to address issues that are critical to the survival and success of the home building industry. NSHBA is also focusing on housing affordability and workforce development issues.


Mission Statement:

Mission Statement:

Mission Statement

We are the unified voice serving the housing industry, providing education and information to government officials, our members and the people of Nebraska.

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This industry is touched by all levels of government, federal, state and local, and the resolution of issues often involves concerted action at two or more levels. Businesses have organized to provide a common voice at all levels. Standing alone, individual businesses are "a voice in the dark." As you join a local home builders association, and the State association, you have joined a local team in your community. In addition, you automatically become a member of the Nebraska State Home Builders Association and of the National Association of Home Builders when you join locally. Instead of just your voice, you become a part of a national team of over 140,000 members and over 800 local associations who work together to guide and protect our industry.

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Awarii Dunes Golf Course - 592 S Rd, Axtell, NE 68924
A fundraiser for NSHBA PAC.

Connect with NAHB Peers to Solve Business Challenges

NAHB Connect

NAHB Connect is an online community exclusively for NAHB members where they can have open, peer-to-peer discussions, seek or give advice on industry issues, and hear and share new ideas.


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A row of housesIn cooperation with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), we advocate for residential homeowners, renters, and professional builder members at the state and national levels. Efforts include lobbying for reasonable, economical laws, regulations, codes, and standards to ensure the sufficient availability of reasonably priced, quality new homes and residential housing to meet the demand of the local market, now and in the future. As well as training, education, and professional development to members, industry professionals, and the public at large on important issues. Including but not limited to legislation, safety, codes, regulations, standards, new building products, techniques, professional skills, industry and economic trends.

New Nationwide Codes Mandate a Major Blow to Housing Affordability


A Message from Your NSHBA President: I hope this Newsletter finds you well and about to enjoy the upcoming Holiday. Below I’ve listed some key points from our recent meeting in DC. We were almost 1000 strong in D.C. bringing a message that housing is over-regulated and there is no longer “affordable housing” in this country.....

 Housing Economics 

Knowledge is Power

Keeping up-to-date with economic trends, forecasts, and conditions in the residential construction industry, professional builders gain a competitive edge in the market and are well-positioned to take advantage of opportunities.

NAHB provides in-depth economic analysis of the issues and trends driving the housing industry.

NSHBA Serves Members In Four Key Ways

Advocacy Government Affairs

Fostering Professionalism

Promoting Communication & Facilitating Networking

Member Services

Member Services Include:

Construction Job Openings Remain Elevated

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While unfilled jobs for the overall economy continued to move lower in June, falling to 9.6 million. The count of open jobs was 10 million a year ago in June 2022.

The construction labor market saw little change for job openings in June. The count of open construction jobs decreased to 374,000 after a data series high of 488,000 in December 2022.

NSHBA Rebates

In 2020 the average NSHBA Rebate was $1,495.13 for participating builders and remodelers. Over fifty participating manufacturers!